Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Day 124 (5/4): Field Day at Northview & Screencast

I went to Northview's Field Day today and it was very interesting. I remember Field Days as running races and getting ribbons for doing well. Northview did not do this. They had different activities the students would participate in during 10 minute intervals.  They dressed up and raced and then the next person on your team had to dress in the clothes and race to the end and back. One session had kiddie pools with water and marbles in it. They had to pick up those marbles with their feet and put them in a bucket. I hate feet so I didn't watch this one for long.  

I ended up having to put this on screencast because youtube edited my music which did not make me happy. I have bought the CD with the songs on it but I guess because I was sharing it with the world they took the music off.  But they did tell readers that they could buy the songs on amazon.com or iTunes. Well I bought the songs so I feel like I should be able to use them as long as I'm not profiting from them.  I'm definitely not profiting from posting something on youtube.  OK I'm getting on a soapbox but if you are looking for a fix you might try screencast.com which is free for the first 2Gigs of space.