Me, Myself, I

I grew up in a small town in Kansas where I remember cruisng thte main drag for fun and hanging out with my friends. I went to college with hopes of becoming a music performer, a flautist, but quickly changed my major as I realized that you singing was not my forte and you had to pass 4 sight singing courses.  So math was my fall back and I'm currently teaching math on a military base for a small community college.  I love my job and can't imagine doing anything else...well maybe winning the lottery and not having to work.

My life is not exactly what I thought it would be in my 30's - divorced, single mother, non-challenging job, two cats, and a house that needs a lot of work.  They say wisdom comes with age, and I'm still learning what it means to be grown up.  Life's not perfect but it looks pretty good from the cheap seats. I started this blog in hopes of doing the 365 pictures in a year project but 2 years later and I'm still working on getting 365 posts.  I write about my life, my family, and other random things.  Someday I'll finish 365 picture posts and I will probably keep on writing. 

I'm a mother, first and foremost, and enjoy photography, food, and learning new things.  My mom says I have champagne tastes on a beer budget.  I still laugh at farts. I'm sarcastic. Sensitive. Independent. Random. Christian. Dramatic. Passionate. Funny. Loveable.

It's all these things, experiences and characteristics that make me Ange.