Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Day 151 (9/29): Pass/Punt/Kick 2010

Colton was a little let down in the Pass/Punt/Kick competition held by Manhattan Parks and Rec. Last year he participated and earned 2nd place for the 1st/2nd grade group.  He didn't place this year although he did very well.  He was in the 3rd/4th grade age group and the winners were all 4th graders.  I told him he was low man on the totem pole again so next year he would get one. 

The good news is that there were tons more kids in the competition and the weather was WAY nicer than last year. It was freezing cold last year and we were wearing our winter parkas and the kids struggled kicking and throwing with all those layers on.  Notice we were all in shorts! 
Each kid took two turns kicking, punting and throwing. After looking through the pictures Colton did the same thing each time.  He did very well among the third graders with his final distance. Not only do they measure distance but they also measure accuracy. 

The other kids watched in anticipation to see how far each kid went.  They were really pretty supportive of each other and cheered when it was a long distance. Next year we will try again and he will be happy he is at the top of his age class!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Day 150 (9/26): Smurf at KSU game

We took one of Colton's friends', Austin, to the KSU game yesterday. Because of the rain delay, we went back out to the truck and watched the clouds and storm roll in. The boys played outside before the rain came and did the "Boom, Boom, Firepower" from the Night at the Museum movie. 

Then the rain came and it came hard.  We hung out in the truck and the boys killed time by playing their Nintendos and making funny faces in the mirrors.


Bet you are wondering where the Smurf part comes in...I'm getting to it...
It's amazing what kids find entertaining.  These megaphones were handed out at Purple Power Play on Poyntz as popcorn holders (the bottom lid comes off). They used them to yell through, to scope out the crowd like pirates looking for treasures, to tap the unlucky souls on the backs who sat in front of them (that would be us) and well...armpit covers?

It was military day and the soldiers did pushups with Willie as we scored.  They definitely didn't get enough pushups in to count for PT as it was such a low scoring game.

Now check out the smurf.  Austin got a blue icee and I'm not sure how much of it actually made it in his mouth.  His shirt was bright blue all over the belly area and his hands were bright blue too!  I call him Hefty Smurf since he is the right guard on the team.

Hefty Smurf, Mark and Black Eyes
Colton looked funny with the black under his eyes from his football game.

Smoooch...until next time.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Day 149 (9/25): Krazy Kansas Weather

There's a saying in Kansas that goes something like this..."If you don't like the weather, wait 5 minutes." Today we saw some of the craziest clouds and weather I have ever witnessed.  We had a busy day planned for us with Colton playing a football game in Topeka at 8:30 am and then a KSU game back in Manhattan at 11:30.  My outfits for these 8:30 am football games have been mixed up for the weather that has happened on those days.  The first game I thought I would be hot and wore shorts and a t-shirt when in reality I needed a jacket and jeans.  I wore the jacket and jeans to the next game and just about sweated to death.  So for this third game I compromised - capri pants and a t-shirt with a sweatshirt.  I left the house around 5:30 to make a Dillons run for snacks and lunchmeat since I knew we would be racing back to the KSU game and would need to eat in the vehicle.  The weather was perfect for jeans and a t-shirt.  So I thought my plan would work with capris, t-shirt and backup sweatshirt. 

We made it to Topeka with the sun blaring and buckled down for four eight minute quarters of little league football.  After the hour warmup the game was underway.  I had taken off my sweatshirt because the sun was in full force.  Thirty minutes later the clouds covered the sun and the wind started blowing a chilly breeze.  I needed the sweatshirt and I really needed jeans but I was tough....tough enough to withstand 4 overtimes (see future blog).  We were going to be extremely late to the KSU game.  We headed back to Manhattan and listened to the radio as severe thunderstorm warnings and the skies started to darken.

Just as we were walking through the parking lot to the game, we heard the announcer say that there would be a 30 minute delay of game due to the lightning. We strolled back to the car to wait it out. 
This was our view from the truck as we waited out the storm.  It poured like crazy and then the game started back up again. We were in the truck for over an hour parked snuggly under an acorn tree so it sounded like we were getting hailed on as the acorns pinged the truck. The boys did surprisingly well. Thank goodness they had their nintendos to entertain them.
The rain died out and we were allowed back in the stadium and the game resumed. The sun came out again and we probably all smelled like musty rats but it did dry us off.  The wind fizzled out as the flags lay limp and we wished for the clouds to be back since it was a little too much sun.
The clouds played tricks on us and filtered in again but they did not look as scary as the first ones.  We were prepared with ponchos and ready for another blast of rain but it held off.
On this day we went through temperature changes by as much as 30 degrees and got torrential rains and breezeless calm.  So I wonder what the next 5 minutes of Kansas weather will bring?

Below you will see some pics that some of my friends photos as they witnessed the game as the storm came through.  We were still in the car but they had quite a show!

Check out the video that someone posted as the storm moved in:

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Day 148 (9/22): Home Improvement Take 1 - The Yard

I will admit I am NOT the best person to take care of a yard.  Colton tends to leave stuff in the yard. I can't seem to get anything to grow.  I forget to water on a regular basis. This summer I decided to do something about it.  I wanted a pretty nice lush green yard and nice landscaping to go around my house.  
You will see by some of these shots that there are cable wires loosely laying around the outside of the house and weeds or barren spots everywhere.  Mark and I took a few weekends and worked on putting landscaping mulch and weed barrier around the house.  We also laid pavers for the trashcan and a box that Colton uses to put toys in.  Check out some of our progress!

Notice the cords are tacked to the siding. We put edging around to keep the mulch in. The pavers turned out perfect.

Today they sprayed my yard to kill it and they are coming out on Friday to till it.  It looks extremely bad right now and I'm too embarrased to take a picture of it and post.  But imagine a brown scalped barren wasteland in front of my house...I will post pics as soon as it becomes that lush green yard that you can run barefoot in!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Day 147 (9/20): Kohl's = Crack Cocaine

I now know why my Aunt Cheryl and cousin Kerri are Kohl's addicts. When we went up to South Dakota and met them, we met them at Kohl's and then I think they went back 10 times in a 3 day period.  They were totally obsessed with Kohl's.  Kohl's marketing campaigns and sales creates this drug-like feeling similar to one of the most addictive drugs available crack-cocaine. 

About every six weeks they send you a scratch off like lottery ticket that tells you a percent you get off your total bill.  They range from 10 - 30% off and mine this month happened to be a 30% so I felt like I had hit the jackpot.  I needed to get Colton some school clothes so this was my excuse to use that 30% off winner!  If it was 15% off I probably would not have felt that inclined to go but how can you not use a 30% coupon?

Now once you get in the store you are hit with 20-40% off the regular price signs.  So it helps to be a math teacher and know how to use percentages if you are taking 40% off and then 30% off of that.  Well I happened to save $304.

Now here's when they conform you into a true addict.  At the cash register they give you Kohl's cash to be used on your next purchases after that 30% scratch off coupon expires. So they are essentially paying you to shop.  Hook, line, and sinker...I'm caught up in the Kohl's addictive cycle because now I have to go back in another week and get my fix and use that $40 Kohl's cash coupon.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Day 146 (9/8): Football with Pads

I absolutely love this picture of perspective under the stadium bleachers at the Manhattan High School football field. 

Colton tried out for tackle football last year and made the team. It was 2-3 hours of practice three nights a week during August - October. The coaches were intense and I was worried about Colton quitting after the first practice. After about 2 weeks of serious thinking I called the coach and said that he should invite someone that wouldn't quit since I was unsure about Colton.  It was a 3rd grade team and he was only in 2nd grade then.  I didn't want him taking someone else's spot that would have stuck with it.

Well one year later and here we go again...he wanted to play football with pads on.  I had asked a few people about this coach and they said he was not as intense as last years coach so we went to tryouts.  We knew several parents and Colton knew a lot of the kids trying out for the team so I knew he would stick it out.  He made the team and we have been practicing and conditioning for about over a month.

The interesting part is that he doesn't want to use those pads.  He shys away from contact.  He sees someone coming after him and he just weaves out of the way.  That is good if you have the ball but not good if you are supposed to be protecting the guy with the ball.  It has been a long frustrating time for a parent that is used to seeing her kiddo excel in sports but I will make it through.  I have faith that he will get better.

These are pics taken when the team picture was shot.  They look so cute..or do I say their uniforms?  I'm a mom - they look darn cute!
As we left the stadium, a double rainbow appeared.  You can't tell by the pics but look above the real apparent rainbow and you will see it faintly. Hopefully that is God's way of saying to keep the faith and hope that this little boy that has loved football will take a risk and use those pads to tackle someone. 

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Day 145 (9/4): Harley Day at the Bill

The traffic was crazy. The weather was perfect. The smell of charcoal was amazing. The sight of purple was everywhere. The day was AWESOME with a KSU football win over UCLA. KSU Wildcat fans filled the Bill Snyder Family Stadium to full capacity and were ready for the first football game of the season.

It was Harley Day and Matt, Kristi, Madeline and Chandler came up to cheer for the Cats.  Colton was at his dads and was bummed because he got to miss the first game.  The Harley's were lined up before the game and we checked out the one that had team spirit! Chandler was totally crazy at times. 

One thing that was new at Harley day was this photo booth that allowed you to take 3 pics of yourself while wearing crazy hats.  We all tried it and the girls did it twice.  You will have to check out the pics on my fridge because we are looking really cool!
Mark learned that the Band did play before the game.  He usually doesn't make it in for pre-game but I did drag him with me a little early because I like to watch the purple train on the video board come racing through the sights of Manhattan and Willie take out the mascot on the other team on the field.  That's just something that gets me pumped up and ready to cheer on the Cats!  Well that and 100s of Harley's revving their engines in the stadium and Willie in leather and a do-rag.

It was a total packed house for the first game..even more people there than Bill Snyder's return!  We sat in different seats so that Mark's family could all sit together.  I would not suggest sitting in the first row of teh bleachers over section 8 and 9 on the west side.  There's a bar that will be in your way unless you are about 8 feet tall!  It was a win for the Cats and a totally great start to the season!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Day 144 (9/3): The return...

I'm going to try this again...blogging.  Since I have been writing on my dissertation for the past 2 weeks pretty heavily, I might as well write on something I enjoy.  Plus last time I talked to my grandma she said everytime she logged on all she saw was Colton in make-up so I can't let that be my lasting memory of him!

Colton returned to school and it was pretty uneventful.  He was not happy with the teacher he was assigned because his friends were in the other two classes and so were the teachers he wanted.  But he will survive.  He has a new backpack and was ready to go early that morning. Notice the jacket - it was chilly that first morning!  Also notice that he didn't have any new school clothes on.  He just picked out what he likes to wear - shorts and a t-shirt. I tried to get him to wear jeans but he said "No Way!" He's just a kid that likes to be comfortable and not show off for anyone.
But he was happy and so was I for his return to school and a regular schedule.