Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Day 88 (3/30): Take me out to the Ballgame!

It was a great night for KSU baseball.  The weather was perfect - a balmy 75 degrees and pretty windy so we thought we might get to see some home runs. We went to the barbeque before the game and had KSU hotdogs, brats and hamburgers. The stands were packed and we were glad we got there early to get seats behind home plate.

KSU was playing the Wichita State Shockers.  Colton was pretty excited to see the Shockers because he had seen them on TV in the College World Series. The Shockers did some fun team things before the game as they hi-fived, danced and grooved with each other.
Our seats were great but the net made it hard to get pictures.  So if anyone can tell me how to use your zoom through a net without it focusing in on the net and not the player you're zooming in on, I would greatly appreciate it.
One of my favorite parts of any KSU games is Willie the Wildcat.  Colton didn't have a baseball for him to autograph so he had him sign his hand.  And of course, that was his excuse for not taking a bath because he didn't want it to wash off.
It was a fun, relaxing time and I can't wait to go to another one.
Go Cats!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Day 87 (3/29): Mourning

I know. I have gotten behind on my posts.  I heard from my a person who heard from another person that it was because I was in mourning over KSU basketball not making it to the Final Four.  Well I would like to say I'm not upset by the loss but I can't.  I was so looking forward to Indianapolis.  We had such a great time in Oklahoma City that I couldn't wait to see them play again.  Check out the video I found from one of the home games - the excitement, the joy, the love that the Wildcats bring out of their fans! I didn't want to let that go. I loved watching the basketball team. I will get over it. Time heals all wounds as the saying goes. I am so proud of the Wildcats and thank them for giving us such a great season!

There's another reason why I've been slow getting posts up.  I caught a bug from someone and stayed home from work one day in hopes of getting over it but it has not gone away.  I've been camped out in my bathroom in the fetal position. I didn't think a computer sitting on a TV tray was appropriate in the bathroom and I'm sure you don't want to share that memory with me.  I hope this goes away and I hope noone else around me gets it.  It will suck the life right out of you and the exhaustion doesn't go away.  So pray for me....pray for my bathroom...pray for others that have to put up with me.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Day 86 (3/28): Rainy Day Dress-Up

It was raining. Colton was bored. The neighbor kids were bored.  I told them they could play at our house. So they went downstairs and after a while I started to hear giggles and what sounded to be too much fun. I walked down to find dress up.  The first round of dressup involved the Tango between Colton and Shelby.

The next round of games included Bull fighting.  Colton was the matador and Zackie was the Bull. I think that Delaney was the announcer since she had the megaphone in her hand.

They had a blast and it made the rainy day go by just a little bit quicker.

But I'm still ready for Spring so they can play outside!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Day 84 (3/26): Homemade Lulu

My mom has a new pet.  She ordered a stuffed bear off of a website called Grizzly Traditions. She said it was a new stuffed animal for her favorite grandchildren - NOT!  The bear is named Lulu and she's in love with it.  She won't let the grandkids touch it.  She's a centerpiece in the living room. 

I must admit..Lulu is a piece of art. She is handmade out of an old vintage faux fur coat and made with an old antique Singer sewing machine which we all know my mom's love for sewing.  What also makes her unique is that she is made by a man. So my mom has met her match wtih the creator of Lulu.

Check out the face. He shaved the fur around the nose to make it more lifelike and hand stitched the nose. My mom seems to think that the fur is from someone famous. Who knows?

Lulu's name is engraved on a tag around her neck.  Not sure what the 103 means but maybe that is the number of bears this guy has made.
So if you are in need of a very unique homemade gift go check out Grizzly Traditions at http://www.grizzlytraditions.com/

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Day 83 (3/25): Things I hate

In February I did a blog about things that I loved.  I saw something today that just made me cringe inside and I knew it was time for this blog topic.  Hate is such a fierce word and we often tell children not to use it.  Since I'm not a child anymore, I can use it...right? 

So this is what set me off - a post on Facebook about tonight's game. This person is a huge KU fan and now she is going to root for Xavier because the Jayhawks lost last weekend - UGH!  Double UGH! This is why I find myself despising KU fans.  In Oklahoma City last weekend, there was a guy sitting behind us with a BYU hat on and he was screaming away throughout the game.  I look back and realize he also has a KU shirt on too and in his hand was a KU hat.  He went out and bought a BYU hat just so he could cheer for the team that was playing against KSU.  I hope he is regretting buying that hat!

Well here's what I have to say to those KU fans that are too [insert word or words here that fit] to cheer for your own state team and your own Big 12 conference teams:

Keep it up! It is obviously working in our favor since you keep cheering for the losing teams. KSU fans don't need your help.  We are strong, dedicated and supportive of our Wildcats!   EMAW!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Day 82 (3/24): Curtis and Christian

Well I've decided this will be KSU week so you better love the color purple!  Monday night at the pep rally while coach Frank Martin was giving his speech, boys were playing in the background. At first, Christian sat like such a good boy on his father's lap. Martin would whisper every once in a while in his ear.
Sorry about the picture quality on this next one but my camera was not autofocusing or I was being bumped by the cheering kids sitting next to me. Christian could only stay still for so long.  He started pretending to throw fake punches or slaps at Matt Figger, an assistant coach.  They were both pretty funny to watch.
Then Christian hopped over to Dalonte Hill's lap.  Curtis Kelly started playing with a ball that he had. Meanwhile, Frank is giving his speech.
Christian wants Curtis to make him a basket to throw the ball into.
Christian really wants him to make it higher but Curtis refrains which was probably good considering Christian needs to work on his aim.
Looks like Christian has a shooting arm! Look at that form.
With each shot, Christian seems to get a bit higher and higher.  Frank seems oblivious to the boys playing in the background.
Ok so this picture really does not follow in the story but you will never guess who is sitting next to Curtis...You really thought I would have KSU pictures without a shot of my favorite player? 
And you knew it was bound to happen as the shots kept on getting a little higher and a little wilder.  Curtis couldn't grab a hold of this one of the cheerleaders had to return it.   
It was fun to watch...boys being boys.
Go Cats!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day 81 (3/23): Hip Hip Hooray!

Last night was the pep rally for the KSU Men's Basketball team who left for Salt Lake City today. We got to the parking lot around 5:35 and the doors opened at 5:45 with the pep rally starting at 6pm.  We were greeted to a line, a very long line.
See the building at the right. That is the bathrooms at the football stadium and Bramlage is located about a quarter of a mile past this building. There were a ton of people here to celebrate the Cats Sweet 16 trip. Thank goodness God was on our side too granting us 70 degree weather for the wait.

Ahh...Bramlage is in sight!

The Band, Cheerleaders and Classy Cats were there to welcome us.

Colton and Austin chilled until about 6pm.  Austin was pretty excited as he caught a shirt and immediately put it on.  We sat right behind Colton and Austin's kindergarten teacher so it was fun to catch up with her.  She "retired" right after their class....not sure if they led her to it...but she looked extremely happy now! :)

Finally the team came in and the crowd which filled the entire west side of the stands stood up and cheered. They threw out shirts and were all smiles!
The student body president spoke about what he thought was the best win of the season (when we beat #1 Texas) and Currie spoke about not feeling a sense of entitlement. The boys just wanted to hear from the players and Martin. The first player up was Chris Merriewether. He told a story about his freshman year when him and Luis Colon heard Frank tell the team, "We're going to turn this program around.  You're either going to be on the team that turns this program around or your going to be on the team before the team that turns this program around." The crowd laughed.  They are definitely on the team that turned the program around. All you had to do was look around at the crowd that night who showed up in a days notice for this pep rally.
The next player up was Jacob Pullen.  He was pretty impromptu and even gave a shout out to this big guy in a white shirt on the side that kept on yelling non-stop for the Cats.  I just love his smile and of course, the beard.
Frank Martin spoke eloquently.  He thanked the wives of the coaches and repeatedly thanked the fans.  He said the team was going to play and fight in these upcoming games to bring back the fans to another pep rally next Monday night.  (Note to self - get there early to skip the long line!) That would be awesome to make it to the Final Four and a great accomplishment for KSU basketball.  This team deserves it. They have played with tenacity and passion throughout the season and I believe they can win it all!
Colton and I would love to see everyone next Monday at another pep rally.  We will decked in purple and rooting for the Wildcats on Thursday!  Hope to see you at the Wareham Watch Party. 

Monday, March 22, 2010

Day 80 (3/22): The End

It has been reported that anywhere from 90 - 99% of people participating in NCAA pools picked KU to get to the Sweet 16.  Well it was not so sweet for the KU players or fans as the final scoreboard showed University of Northern Iowa on top 69 - 67.

About halfway through the first half of the KSU game, Sherrod came out and sat in the stands dazed and dumbfounded.  He was hugged and consoled by many but nothing could erase that feeling of the loss.
We sat right next to the tunnel as UNI came out. They didn't dance on or get too pumped up. They met, said a few words and ran on the court with confidence.

We had to look up on our internet phones what kind of mascot UNI was because we kept on thinking it was a black cat. It was a Panther.  It did all sorts of crazy poses and a headstand for almost 3 minutes.
Bill Self tried to get the Hawks out of their rut but they would still play mediocre.  They just couldn't get anything going with the defensive pressure of the Panthers and UNI continued to make some pheonomenal shots!
Baby Jay and the cheerleaders were there but also unsuccessful in getting the crowd to rally for a win.  What was amazing to me was to watch the KU fans leave when there was still time left on the clock.  The game was so close and there was still a shot for KU to come back - why leave?  The fans were also screaming like fanatics but not to rally but rather to bitch about how the Hawks were playing.
The Ford Center was a great venue.  The screens were very easy to read and they even had screens set up for those sitting in the front rows to view without having to crank their heads back. And one of the best parts is that I didn't have to wait in line at all anytime I went to the bathroom because there were tons of stalls in the womens restrooms.  The guys always had lines outside the doors of their bathrooms. Welcome to our world gentlemen!  heehee
Hard to tell what this picture is of but it was all of the UNI fans.  They had a great turnout filling up two complete sections.  They stood practically the whole game cheering on their Panthers.  I tried my hardest to be unbias and just watch the game but the Panthers were wearing purple, the same color as my beloved wildcats. I really think it was time for KU to be put in their place and I didn't want to meet them again in the tournament.  I held my enthusiasm for the Panthers until the end of the game and that 3 pointer from Farakaoh (sp??) had me letting out a huge Woohoo! 
And it was The End of the KU basketball season.