Sunday, December 26, 2010

Day 171 (12/26): All I want for Christmas is a can of lima beans

Personally I love lima beans - creamed, with corn mixed in as succotash, plain, and about any which way you can serve them.  My love of lima beans has been passed onto Colton. Thank goodness since not too many people like lima beans. Now I get to share them and eat them more frequently. The neighbor must have heard about our love of lima beans as Colton opened up a can of beans for Christmas.
Every year "Grandpa" Norris, the neighbor decides some ingenious way to wrap Colton's Christmas present.  Last year it was a roll of toilet paper that he had unrolled and then rolled up $1 bills in the t.p. and wrapped it back up. So when Colton unwrapped it he thought it was a little weird but then when he started unrolling it, he loved the money flying at him!
He smiled when he opened the can and saw the lima beans but of course thought it was a little weird.  Mr. Norris said to shake it and see if there was anything in rattled! So he told him to pop the top and see what was in it.
Money and Candy instead of lima beans were much appreciated! Although we would have ate the lima beans too!

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