Monday, August 1, 2011

Day 197 (8/1): London Day 2

I could and would live in London.  It was my favorite part of my own version of Chevy Chase's European adventure!  The red double decker buses, the black cabs who had drivers that were known to be some of the smartest blokes around, the museums and architecture - I loved it all.

The pics below show you a place called Cafe in the Crypt.  It was across from the museum and was located under the St. Martin in the Fields Church. It was built in the 18th century and they use local ingredients for their buffet style service.  The grave markers form the floor and vaulted ceiilings create a quiet etherial atmosphere - a must see in London.

Another must see and do in London is the London Eye.  You can see for 25 miles atop the contraption built in 2000 to celebrate the milineum. It is built upon the Thames River and has 32 capsules that rotate once about every 30 minutes.  It goes slow enough that it does not stop when passengers are herded on and off the capsule. 

Before you load the capsule you are treated to a 4-D show.  Wind, mist, bubbles, snow flakes are shot at you along with a 3-D movie. 

The view was incredible.  You could see almost all of London - Big Ben, Wimbledon, the National Theater, Buckingham Palace, St. Paul's Cathedral.  It was weird to think about it being built over the river and as much as I didn't want to look down, I did. 

These next set of pictures are from Soho Square which dates back to 1681.  It was one of the most fashionable places to live in London and is famous now for where J.K.Rowlings signs her book deals and where the Beatles Paul McCartney's business is located.

 Now for some of the food we had in London.  We had fish-n-chips at a pub one night and Bangers and Mash the next night.  Peas must have been in season because we had them with every meal.  Bangers and mash was sausage links and mashed potatoes by the way.

Last round of pictures for today will be some of the church and scenery.  The window in St. Martin in the Fields church was really cool glass and metal to form a cross-like figure.
I don't know how many times Adrian and I were shushed at the museums or churches.  We were the typical rowdy Americans...welll we talked louder than we should have.  I got in trouble at the National Gallery in London for taking pictures of the floor.  They were magnificent mosaics that I could not resist.  The tiles were so tiny. 

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