Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day 157 (10/28): Day of the Dead

This is mainly a rant and to show off some of Colton's work.  This beautiful thing even rattles and has KSU carved in the back  He made it in art to celebrate the Day of the Dead.  They were told that they could not celebrate Halloween but could celebrate the Mexican holiday where family and friends gather to pray for and remember those that have died. So here's where my rant comes in... 

He goes to a school that has a very diverse student body.  So they do not celebrate any of the holidays that I remember celebrating while I was in school - Christmas and Halloween just to name a few.  I remember dressing up and having a parade of costumes in the middle of the day and then the parents brought in treats and we played games.  I remember singing Christmas songs. They don't do that at Northview.

Have they gotten so diverse that Americans are in the minority and so not to celebrate primarily American holidays?  It is frustrating to think that a country that has prided itself on accepting all cultures would want schools to ignore the holidays that are important in American traditions.  I am an advocate for multiculturism but not at the sake of ignoring our own beliefs. There should be a balance of both so students see how diverse we all really are so please bring back the American celebrations in schools.

Ok enough of the soap box...   To end on something positive.  Check out the pumpkin that Colton designed and carved at Cool Care Club today:
See how the eyes are C's for his name - pretty cool!  He wanted the teeth different sizes just like he had baby teeth still and big teeth.  What a great job!  I much prefer this pumpkin to that scary dead ceramic Day of the Dead rattle skull head.

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