Sunday, October 3, 2010

Day 152 (10/3): Baby Shower Goodies

One of my very dear friends is having her second baby and I am so excited it is a GIRL. We both have boys that are all BOY and I am ready to buy some pink girly stuff and play tea party and Barbies. I could not wait to host a pink pink and more pink baby shower. 
I think I have been watching too much Food Network because I was funneling Cupcake Wars when I designed the shower invite and menu.  Do you know how many yummy cupcake blogs and recipes are out there?  Too many to choose just one recipe!  I ended up making 3 varieties of cupcakes and then Cake Pops. 

The Cake Pops were pretty time consuming so I'm not sure if I would make those again.  I used a red velvet cake mix with cream cheese frosting and then dipped them in pink colored white chocolate.  The ladies and my co-workers who enjoyed the leftovers seemed to really like them.  Personally I didn't feel like the taste overpowered the effort they took to make them.

I used a lemon recipe from this blog to create some miniature cupcakes and some regular size ones. They were super yummy and not too lemony. Colton helped me decorate these so they were definitely made by a sprinkle master.  Don't worry ladies - I made him wash his hands 3 times (with soap!) before he touched anything!

The other two cupcakes were Snickers cupcakes which I would definitely make again. They were scrumdelicoious (and yes I made that word up)! Just make sure you have a glass of milk on hand to balance the richness of the chocolatey gooey yumminess.  For those of you reading this and needing Christmas ideas, I want one of those big tips to decorate cupcakes.  I used a smaller one which it took more frosting and longer to decorate but I would love to have the bigger decorating tip!

Martha Stewart even helped me out with her Baby Bird's nest cupcakes.  Mark did an excellent job of making eyes for these candy coated almond birds. We could not find any pink peanut m&ms so I had to use the wedding candy mix of pastel almonds.  They were hard as a rock so unless you want to uproot a tooth, don't use these!
This is one of my favorite pics from the shower, four generations of Dawdy women: Baby Dawdy (who does not like to be called Sissy), Angi, Angi's mom and her grandmother.  It made me so thankful that we took pictures of the family with grandma Doornbos that summer. I even got out the pictures from that day and looked at them - such good memories.

Angi got some great gifts and I can't wait to see that precious baby in those cute clothes!  Less than a few weeks and Baby Dawdy will be here!

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