Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day 194 (7/27): Beaver Lake Vacation Tidbits

A couple more posts of Beaver Lake. We had so much fun and learned so much about each other. It is always interesting when you stick different families in a house for a week. Here's just a random listing of tidbits:
1) When you tell everyone to bring snacks, they might think like you and love sugar! I think we went into sugar comas at night when we were playing games.

2)  Mark likes to play games by his own rules.  And yes I will admit after almost causing World War III and having to call the game publisher in order to settle the argument, Mark was right and I was...well...less right.
3)  When you leave your swimsuit on the deck, creatures of the night might come and try to steal it away.  Kristi found out the hard way and Matt was very good at using a broom to get them out of the tree.  Whatever it was, they literally got Kristi's panties in a bunch as they tried to carry it off and they were twisted around the tree branch.  Come to think of it..her panties were in a bunch that next morning as she realized that it was her suit on the tree!  :)  Remember I love you Kristi!

 4)  It is an art to be able to jump in the lake.  This getting older has done weird things to me.  I used to be adventurous but the older I turn, the more I realize that my body is not the same and does not do the same things.  The kids wanted me to jump in the lake instead of taking my slow dip from the ladder.  I was nervous....what if I didn't pop right back up?   Yes I know I was probably the one telling the kids two years ago to not worry and you'll pop right back up because of your life jacket.  So when it was only Mark and I on the dock, I tested out this old body and jumped in.  Wow who knew that you could get a LOT of water up those two little nostril holes?  It burns!  But I did it and I flopped right back up.  So that next day when the kids were jumping in, I was going to show my stuff and jump in.  But I was going to hold my nose.  Wow! Who knew that you could cough up a lung when you leave your mouth open while jumping in?  I thought I was going to die in the water with all that coughing and hacking.  So jumping off the dock is an art, a skill, that I don't have. But I had to do it again for pictures so much concentration was done but this old body learned how to hold her nose and keep her mouth shut.

5)  No matter how old you are, jumping in the lake is hilarious to watch!  I'm sure I looked like some kind of alien art form when jumping in the lake.  The kids did tons of tricks and got tons of "air".  They perfected the craft of butt busters, cannon balls, catching balls in midair and flips in the water. 

6) When it is 100 degrees outside, stay at the lake.  Do not go into Branson.  We had fun but we were so ready to go back and jump in the lake to cool off!

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