Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day 193 (7/26): Beaver Lake Talent Show

It has been an extremely busy June and July - baseball about every weekend, 2 weeks in Europe, 1 week in Arkansas, teaching 5 classes online, Colton's birthday, and the list goes on.  I'm extremely thankful that I'm not teaching face-to-face classes at this time!  My online classes just ended and I have 3 weeks until the next round of classes start.  My plans are to blog and sew and possibly clean the house a little....but I think that sewing and blogging will take a lot of my time!

We were fortunate enough to get to rent the "cabin" down at Beaver Lake again.  It is one of my favorite vacations because all you do is relax.  There is very little cell service so work has to wait and sometimes you just can't answer your phone due to the poor service! 

We still had the annual talent show and this one was the best!  Colton, Madeline, and Parker worked for 4 days perfecting their songs and actions.  They guarded the basement stairs whenever they were practicing down there so we could not peek and find out about the show.  You will have to excuse the extra commentary in the video. Check out the future superstars:

I think they should take their act to America's Got Talent.   They outdid Louie, the fart impersonator, in my opinion. I laugh every time I watch this one...and they call this talent? I'm think I am very talented! :)

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