Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Day 151 (9/29): Pass/Punt/Kick 2010

Colton was a little let down in the Pass/Punt/Kick competition held by Manhattan Parks and Rec. Last year he participated and earned 2nd place for the 1st/2nd grade group.  He didn't place this year although he did very well.  He was in the 3rd/4th grade age group and the winners were all 4th graders.  I told him he was low man on the totem pole again so next year he would get one. 

The good news is that there were tons more kids in the competition and the weather was WAY nicer than last year. It was freezing cold last year and we were wearing our winter parkas and the kids struggled kicking and throwing with all those layers on.  Notice we were all in shorts! 
Each kid took two turns kicking, punting and throwing. After looking through the pictures Colton did the same thing each time.  He did very well among the third graders with his final distance. Not only do they measure distance but they also measure accuracy. 

The other kids watched in anticipation to see how far each kid went.  They were really pretty supportive of each other and cheered when it was a long distance. Next year we will try again and he will be happy he is at the top of his age class!

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