Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 174 (1/31): Snowed In

We were stuck at home again today for a snow day. Darn it, I'm only going to get 2 days of work in this week.  I'm so upset I might have a tear forming in my is really so sad!  No..not really..

I have tons of blogs to catch up on so we'll see what I can get done. We can't go outside today because it is so cold (high of 5 degrees or something unbearable with a windchill of -25 degrees).  There is absolutely nothing to do but grade or play on the computer and I'm choosing the latter.

This is our 6th snow day - I've lost count there has been so many - and on a couple of them we went sledding.  So here's the video of us sledding at the country club.  It was so much fun.  I will post pictures of us tomorrow.

We convinced Ted to try to snow board and does not have very good balance.   The kids made a ramp in the snow and they got some great "air" flying off of that ramp.

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