Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 175 (2/1): Snow Pics

Here's some of the pics that I took with the hill that is back behind the neighbors yard.  The kiddos slide down and then into the drainage ditch for what they call extra points.

I'm guessing the thumbs up means that was a good ride!

 And of course, what would a snow day be without eating a little snow?  I sure hope it wasn't yellow!
The snow angel was made by all the kids.

And then my favorite picture of all was the crying as he was coming inside.  Look through the door - it was dark.  He had been outside sledding pretty much all day long and was frozen to the bone. Oh yeah and he was cranky.  Note to self: Do not let Colton go sledding all day.   It does not end in a happy fashion.

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