Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 178 (3/30): I love Manhattan

One thing that I love is traveling.  I love to see new sights and sounds and how other people live. I am not a seasoned traveler yet but I do try to make it out of Manhattan at least once or twice a year. When I retire I want to do a lot more traveling but in the meantime I enjoy the trips that I am fortunate enough to take.

When I am in another city, I always imagine what would it be like to live here?  Would I get tired of the lights and gambling of Vegas or would I relish the fact that there would always be a concert to go see or a new restaurant to try.  When we went to San Diego a few years ago, I imagined waking up every morning to the beauty of the ocean. 

See, who wouldn't want to wake up to that?  But then the price tag of living in San Diego followed and I told myself "just enjoy the view for the week you can afford it". Would I get tired of seeing the vast countryside or wildlife in Wyoming or the amazing waterfalls in Yellowstone?  I probably would not tire of such beauty but the lack of entertainment might cause me to go stir crazy.

Since I work at Ft.Riley, I get to meet lots of students that have been stationed all over the world. They always complain about Ft. Riley and the area.  "There is nothing to do" they whine.  I cringe everytime they mention it and tell them that they might just not be looking hard enough.  Although it may not have the lights and constant energy that Vegas has to offer or the scenic views of the ocean, I love Manhattan.  I hope that Manhattan is my home for a long time. There is beauty in the Flint Hills and the nightlife of Aggieville to compare to the ocean and Vegas.  The zoo is small to some but offers a variety of animals and activities for the kids. The museums are always getting new exhibits and entertainers do make their way to the midwest. It is a different kind of beauty and nightlife but nonetheless it is a beautiful home and it is MY home.

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