Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day 177 (2/12): Finishing up

This winter has included a lot of snow days which has allowed me to finish up quite a few UFOs (unfinished objects in quilt language). I made a quilt for Mark for Christmas which is the biggest quilt I have ever made.  It is humongous and is pretty much a bedspread size on Mark's king size bed. I used up a ton of scraps for this one but I still have totes of fabric in storage.  I'm going to need about 5 years of snow days in order to use it all up.

This quilt was one I started about 3 years ago but got frustrated with the pattern. The pattern and the picture were totally different.  It is a log cabin but in order for it to have the green strips on the end, you have to do a modified version of a log cabin.  I finally just went with it because you can't see it from far away.
If you look real closely, you can see how it is not a log cabin but you would have to be a quilter to notice. It will be my Christmas quilt since it is reds, greens and tans.  I was experimenting with my camera so the colors below are a more accurate depiction of the actual quilt.

This is a strip club quilt so went together pretty fast with already pre-cut 2.5 inch strips.  I just had to cut the black squares for this one and piece it together.  Not sure who will be the lucky recipeient of this quilt but it reads "manly". I'm going to have it machine quilted with a cool design in lighter threads in the black squares.
Hopefully I'll get to post more pics of finished projects soon!  It has been fun to get some finished for a change.

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