Monday, May 9, 2011

Day 187 (5/9): Minute to Win It Couples Party

I have wanted to have a Minute 2 Win It party for a very long time and we finally had a free weekend so GAME ON!  Mark was not as excited as I was but he finally caved with all of my nagging and helped me practice some of the games to figure out what we would have at our party. I had this vision of a couples party so I had to con some friends into participating.

Ted and Angi aka the Jay Cats were definitely interested. They are very competitive and were scouting out the NBC website to practice. But we kept the games quiet so we had a chance to beat them.  Plus it is very entertaining to play Wii with them because they like to argue with each other so we were hoping they would entertain us at the party.  I think they secretly made a pact with each other because there was no arguing from them.
The argumentative couple was the Yankee Spankees - Jaime and Jeremy.  It was hilarious watching them do the ping pong toss. Jaime started pelting him with ping pong balls because he was telling her to get them higher.

The Homo Sapiens should have been more accurately named as The Cheaters.  They were always looking for ways to manipulate the games to win them.  I think they thought their age would be a disadvantage. ;)
Mark and I were the Sturgis Stooges. We thought of many names (Dynamic Duo, Minuteers, etc.) but could never agree on one.  Mark wore his shirt from Sturgis one day and I remembered I had one too so I came up with the Sturgis Stooges.  And boy did I feel like a stooge on some of those games.
The last couple to compete were the Dorks. I hope they enjoyed the party. Most of us knew each other and had met everyone else but they were new.  I was a little worried when they left and Deb said, "Thanks for inviting us. That was ......different."  The pictures showed they were having a good time and we enjoyed them so hopefully they will come back to the next M2WI Party!

Our list of games and some shots and commentary:
1)  Breakfast Scramble - We wanted to start off with an easy task and we figured the alcohol would not have been worked through to get people to go crazy.  The pics above of the couples show how the game works.  You have 60 seconds to get a breakfast cereal box cut into 16 equal pieces back together.  We all completed the task and earned 5 points.
2)  Paper Dragons.  The goal is to unroll 2 streamers as a couple with your arms interlocked in 60 seconds by just moving your arms.  The Homo Sapiens (i.e. Cheaters) started off by throwing theirs in the wind hoping it would unravel the whole thing.  I used 80 feet streamers and we all completed the task in 60 seconds.  I wonder how long of streamers they use on the real show - it did seem kind of easy.

This was a really cool game to watch - the streamers made it pretty!
3)  Penny Hose - The goal is to get two pennies that are at the bottom of a pair of panty hose out by not using your forearms.  Goals to this game - use your partner for leverage.  Mark and I didn't do this as I got so excited that I found my penny I left him hanging literally with panty hose on his arm.
4) Elephant Walk - The goal is to get your blindfolded partner to knock over 3 water bottles in 60 seconds. This was where the teams started to deviate in points. Mark and I and Ted and Angi were unable to complete the task.  We had to use a life-line and we switched rolls.  So obviously Angi and I can take directions and the boys can't!

Stay Back Girls!  This Stooge is ALL MINE!  :)
We caught the neighbors in the next cul-de-sac watching us from their windows on this one.  I'm sure they were wondering what the heck we were doing. Can you imagine their conversation?  Mr. Kravitz - look at these fools with panty hose on their head! Mrs. Kravitz - Wonder why their doing that?  Let's sit here and watch and laugh at them.

We interrupt this game night for a look at one of the cutest babies in the world. She got lots of love from all of us and was so good all night long!

5)  Nutstacker - No pics of this one. We must have really been into it.  The goal is to stack 8-10 nuts alternating partners using a chopstick.  We only used 8 because when you go past 8 it really starts to lean.  I'm sure it was because of the floor level or something...not because of our lack of skill.
6)  Junk in the Trunk - Not too many pics of this one either.  It was getting dark plus I was laughing way too hard.  There was some serious blur effects going on in the pictures due to some belly jiggles. I do have one showing you truly why the Cheaters got their names.  Notice Adrian just bending over so the balls would roll right out of the kleenex box.  The goal is to jump and pop them out using your booty.
7)  Ready Spaghetti - The goal is to transport 3 cans to make a pyramid using your mouths and a stick of spaghetti.  It was fun and took some real teamwork.
8) Face the Cookie - This was the funniest game watching others scrunch up their faces trying to move the cookie from their forehead to their mouth in 60 seconds. There were long tongues, short tongues, turrets-like twitchy eyes, wrinkly foreheads and belly rolling laughter.  Hilarious!  Next time I will video this one.

9) Tilt A Cup - Sorry no pics.  Might have to hire someone next time to take pics since I was obviously so into playing. The goal of the game is to have one player bounce a ping pong ball in a cup of their partners.  And to do this 7 times alternating cup/ball/cup/ball in 60 seconds.  Difficult but doable.
10)  Dice Balance- This was our tie-breaker game since we had two teams with the same score.  The player that could hold the most dice balanced on a popsicle stick was the winner. 
And the winners and second place:

It was so much fun and so much laughter.  We are definitely going to do it again.  So friends beware...I am thinking of new ways to compete and failure to participate will result in elimination!

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