Friday, May 13, 2011

Day 190 (5/13): TGFTR in MHK

Paula Deen, Sandra Lee, Rachael Ray, Guy Fieri, and Robert Irvine are frequent guests in my house.  They are there when I'm unloading the dishwasher, folding the clothes, preparing a meal, eating a meal, reading the paper and all sorts of mundane tasks.  OK maybe they are not there in person but they are constantly on TV as I'm doing those things so I like to think they are there with me.  So when I found out that Food Network would be coming to Manhattan, I was thrilled!  I had to go and check out Tyler Florence in his taping of The Great Food Truck Race in my own town.  He was practically in my living room....being so close to it...right?

I woke up in anticipation only to find I had a flat tire for the second time in two weeks so I knew that I needed to take it into the shop.  This dang tire was going to interfere with me watching my friends on Food Network.  Didn't the big man upstairs know my plans for the day?  I don't think he did since his weather plans were not cooperating either- chilly and cloudy.  Well I had to go to work for 3 hours - total bummer.  We have almost every Friday off except for the day that Tyler Florence was going to be visiting.  What is wrong with Barton - don't they know my plans?  Surely Tyler takes priority than the starving minds of my students (who am I kidding? - they are not starving for math knowledge!).
Well I raced home from work, dropped off my things and headed out to the autobody shop. They were going to take their time with the tire since they had fixed it once before and I was stuck waiting....thinking about all the fun stuff going on downtown with the food trucks. Mark picked me up and saved me from my truck food race envy and took me to the taping.
When we arrived, we couldn't walk down the block as they were filming the staging scenes of the challenge.  They filmed each team running down the block with grocery bags and then hopping in their trucks.  The camera crews peeked into each truck to film what the truckers were making for the challenge.  Tyler started pacing and yelling "5 more minutes, guys!"

And the truckies started carrying out their food.  First out was the Lime Truck, from California.  And they were very California looking.
And for those of you that know me I couldn't resist when one of them bent over and bared their drawers!  I think I have a problem and someday maybe I'll get help for it.  Until then...

The only truck food that I could recognize from my vantage point was a burger from Korilla BBQ, from New York. 
Chef Hodge from the Hodge Podge truck brought out a layered masterpiece that looked lip-smacking good. The vegetarian truck, Seabirds, brought out something that looked fried.  I still had yet to convince Mark to eat anything vegetarian but they were cute so I was hoping that would make him try their truck. He instead thought the "piglets" from Hodge Podge were more up to his liking.

There was probably an hour spent getting ready with the guest judge of the challenge with the contestants holding their food out in 40 degree weather.  I always thought I would want to be a guest judge but after realizing that the food would be cold upon eating, I'm rethinking that idea.  I have no clue who the guest judge was but he needed some serious help with his wardrobe.  So perhaps that's where I could fill in on the Food Network crew.  
The judge and Tyler usually only had one bite of the creation and then cleansed their palates with water.  I wonder if that food even tastes good after sitting out for so long??  Television, you just don't realize how much time everything takes.  The crew spent all day at the courthouse filming the challenge, the opening, and other shots.

Around to the side of the courthouse where they were filming was a crew that watched the film and would tell Tyler whether it was a good take or they had to redo.
I still can't wait to see the episode to see what they were eating and to see what shots they put in the episode.  It was fascinating to watch the cameras and see the production.  The crew was also very nice to all of us looky-looers.  Well I guess bogeys are what we are called in film crew.  I tried to find the video out there in cyber world of the crew having to redo since there were "bogeys" in the background stopping and gawking at the taping.  And NO it was not me surprisingly!  :)

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