Friday, June 3, 2011

Day 192 (6/3): Splashpark!

Remember how I love FREE things??  Well the Splashpark in Manhattan is FREE!  So after a week of having Colton at the house, I was ready to get out and do something.  Nothing like 95 degrees to convince you to go to a watering hole. 
There are waterguns to blast your friends or enemies, tubes that get you totally soaked as you walk through them, or one of my favorite things to watch - buckets that fill with water and then dump on you.

The buckets will fill with water but very slowly. So the kids are waiting and waiting for them to dump. Some kids get bored and leave.  Some kids try to get the adults to knock them over faster or throw their water shoes up to force the water to dump faster.

See what I mean? Colton keeps on looking up to see if it is ever going to dump? 

 Well it does finally dump and I guess the kid behind Colton thought it would be fun to see the water dump in Colton's shorts.  I love the look on Colton's face as he is shocked that there is water back there.  I also love the kid in the second pic looking like "It wasn't me!"  Colton always guarded his shorts when he went to the buckets after that episode.

And what would summer be without a sandpit filled with water from 5 inches of rain to make a waterpit.  They made a game out of pelting each other with pinecones as they were digging.  And the good thing is they can just hop over to the splashpark to wash all that sand and mud off!  The FREE splashpark is yet another reason why Manhattan is a great place to live!

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