Thursday, November 18, 2010

Day 162 (11/8): Football's Over Party

You can't see this but I was just doing my happy dance.  My happy dance because football is over!  The season was long and it just about sucked the life out of me and I wasn't the one suiting up in pads!  The kids improved so much.  After the first game which ended in a loss to over 60 points to placing 3rd in the Super Bowl, it was fun to watch each kid have stellar plays at some point in the season. 

The party was out in the country at the Hankins house which was absolutely amazing.  It was dark so the kids weren't able to play outside much but they all had a great time. Coach Munson handed out awards after a lengthy speech which had his own son questioning words that he used.  "Sacrifice" is not a word on the 3rd grade spelling lists so I don't think they had a clue what he was talking about.

The boys all got a trophy and this happened to be the coaches son. His dad did not think that nerdy Erkel should be playing football and kept telling him to put his pants down. He said he got that goofy side from his mother! Thank goodness that my nerdy kiddo didn't hike his shorts up!

The team went together and got the coach a jersey that they all signed and a football which had the team photo on it.  The football with the team photo was a great gift idea if you need a gift for a coach.  A parent googled best gifts for coaches and the store was on one of the links.  He was very appreciative and the boys were glad to get the awards ceremony over so they could get back to playing.
The last huddle of the 2010 season: Go Indians!  It was a fun season but a very long one!

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