Thursday, November 25, 2010

Day 165 (11/25): Happy Thanksgiving ~ 2010

First off, let me start by saying: I am so thankful for all of my family and friends!  This year is a quiet year for us as we are staying in Manhattan and just having a feast and Wii game filled day.  We started by cooking biscuits and gravy and watching the Macy's Day parade. The turkey is in the roaster, Mark has the noodles started and the rolls that I finally got to bake like moms are ready to be warmed.  It is nice and quiet but different than having all the family around.

Colton has been busy in school creating some Thanksgiving art and writing.  I thought they were worth sharing.
This lovely story was created by Colton and it was from the viewpoint of a turkey pleading with the reader, his teacher Farmer Lowman, not to eat him.  It was hilarious! 
Let me rewrite the story:
Dear Farmer Lowman,
How are you doing today?  You do not want to eat me because I have rabies and I smell like a dead bird. If you eat me your face will swell up. I am left out everytime. The reason I got rabies cause a dog bitmeand that's how I got rabies and please don't eat me.

Not sure if Mrs. Lowman is eating turkey today but I sure as heck hope that my turkey in the roaster did not get bit by a dog and has rabies!

Here's a piece of writing that I will hang onto for a long time because of some of the things that Colton was thankful for.

H: Having a mom and dad
A: Athletics
N: Naps - I'm hoping this means that he will be taking them more often..especially when I want to take one too!
K: Kansas
S: Sports
G: Games
I: Ipod
V: Video games
I: I am thankful for football.
N: Napkins - Umm...It's interesting he's thankful for them considering he does not use them! Maybe he's thinking about his pants that he uses for a napkin!
G: Giving

Have a safe and blessed holiday!

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