Sunday, April 24, 2011

Day 184 (4/24): Chicago Architecture

I took so many pictures of Chicago Architecture. I can't wait to start editing them to black and white and pulling out the parts that I loved so much and make an architecture collage.  I fell in love with the buildings - the character, uniqueness, and structure. They were beautiful and it made me think that I could live in Chicago and walk around that city everyday. I have to keep reminding myself it is way windier there than in Kansas and it probably gets a lot colder!
Bloomingdale's was the building on the right.  Weird and mosque-like building filled with designer purses and clothing.  The top of the building on the left was the Chicago Water Tower.  It was one of the few buildings that survived the great chicago fire in the late 1800s and is the second oldest water tower in the US.  White Castle restaurants were designed after the castle-like structure and it was featured in one of the seasons of The Amazing Race.  This was the first time that I did not feel that safe as there were tons of rowdy looking kids and homeless that were loitering around the structure.

Even the Lego place had Chicago architecture built out of legos. Colton would have loved the place. They had a life-size Darth Vadar, a tyrannasaurus rex, Woody from Toy Story and tons of other structures built. I bought Colton a lego replica of the Sears Tower to build.  He now wants all of the different lego buildings so if anyone is vacationing and they see a lego monument, pick one up for me.

Each building had unique characteristics.  Some were modern and others had the stained glass and roman carvings. I was surprised that I didn't bump into more people as I was always looking up at all the architecture. And yes I did have a few bumps.

I've decided the next trip back to Chicago would be dedicated to churches.  When I was riding back in the cab to the airport, I saw some incredible churches that were just begging to be photographed.  The gargoyles and angels decorating the buildings were just so interesting.  We don't have buildings like that in Manhattan, USA.

I tried to find the building to the left the next day but got lost.  It was an antique store that I'm sure had some beautiful expensive treasures.  It had this really cool blue lighting at night. The building on the right reminded me of one of the batman movies.

Chicago - can't wait to go back!

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