Friday, June 4, 2010

Day 125 (6/4): On the Road Again and On the Blog Again

OK I've had some complaints about not writing every day so I'd better get back to it.  I'm telling you that I was extremely busy finishing up the semester. And I'll admit, once I stopped writing I just couldn't get back into it.  But I've heard enough complaints

We left for our trip to Mt. Rushmore today.  We were only going to drive to Valentine, Nebraska and then drive up to Rapid City on Saturday.   Little did we know that there was a car show about to start as we drove into town.  We got checked into our hotel and the small town car show hit the streets of Valentine. 
There were old cars and newer ones but they all were proud to be in that parade.
The drivers ranged from the 18 year old driving the classic mustang or older ones reminiscing about younger days.
We even saw a few corvettes so I had to take a picture for our neighbors, the Norris', because they have 2 corvettes.

The funniest part was watching those drivers "burn rubber" as they squealed their tires! Some of the smoke clouds could have asphixiated a small child!


The parade only lasted about 15 minutes so it was off to supper.  We ate at a place reccommended by the check-in lady at the hotel called Cedar Canyon Steakhouse.  I loved the hearts made in the brick fence outside the place.  It was humongous inside and I'm sure was used for weddings and parties with the outside bar and all the other rooms in the restaurant.  The food was mediocre but the service was real good.  If you go I suggest trying the hashbrowns  - they were super yummy!

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