Thursday, June 10, 2010

Day 131 (6/10): Mammoth Site

We took the boys to Mammoth Site in Hot Springs, SD after we left Kerri and Cheryl for their trip back to Casper. It is the world's largest mammoth research and tour facility.  I was a little unsure if the boys would enjoy it after the wildness of Reptile Gardens and Bear Country but I had friends that had told me to go because it was so interesting. 

Colton would always ask if we "toured ourselves" every where we would go but this facility had you going through a structured tour at the beginning.  The tour began with a video of how geologists thought the mammoth site was formed.
The mammoths were massive in their day.  There were cardboard animal placards around the facility so you could see how large the mammoths were.  The boys only came up to the knee of a mammoth!

You did the 30 minute guided tour by listening to the girl on these telephones. There were several spots that you would go and she would use a microphone to speak through the phones.
The boys even got to be part of the show as they carried around a bone of the mammoth to show everyone.  They weren't too thrilled about doing it but someone standing next to them really wanted them to do it (ok...yes it was me...and to my defense I wasn't pointing too wildly).

Boom Boom Pow!  Check out the guns on this guy!

Made me think my legs really weren't that big!
I can just hear them saying.."Me Caveman Me make fire!!"
Mammoth Site was very interesting for both the young and the old. It was only about an hour away from Rapid City and well worth the money.  I can't imagine a time when those humongous mammoths were traversing the countryside but I'm glad I didn't have to share a sinkhole with them!

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