Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day 129 (6/8): Crazy Horse

Our tour bus also took us to Crazy Horse. Crazy Horse is not complete and we all took wagers on when we thought it would be complete and none of us thought it would be in our lifetime.  It doesn't look like they've done that much on the monument but after watching the video we did see how much progress has actually been made.  The carving started in 1948 and I found a billboard with the history of just the carving of the face that took over 11 years.  Compared to Mt. Rushmore which was completed in a total of 14 years, we all believe that Crazy Horse will take centuries.

We were there on the same day as the Volksmarch, a 6.2 mile hike to the head of the monument from the base.  It's free to participants but they are to bring canned goods to benefit a local charity. By the time we got to Crazy Horse in the late afternoon, it was raining and many Volkmarchers had already completed their walk. 

There were tons of buildings to view at Crazy Horse that had Native American history and artifacts and items from the carvers family. My favorite things to view were the quilts and the bottles of beads.  I especially liked the quilt because it was K-State purple. 

The boys started giggling when they saw some of the carver's other works such as the statue above.  I believe the direct quote from Andrew was, "What the heck is that thing doing in here?" 
Korzcak Zolkowski (or something spelled like that), was the carver and he had many other works of art or shall I say naked works of art throughout one of the buildings.  I think the boys found every one of them and giggled.

Crazy Horse was interesting but I wish we could have seen it without the rain.  Time will tell whether we will all be alive when it is finished.

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