Sunday, June 20, 2010

Day 132 (6/20): Weddings & Elephants

We went to Kansas City this weekend to go to Mark's cousin's wedding.  I didn't take pictures at the wedding because I didn't know anyone. Plus I thought I might ruin my camera with some of the jayhawk sites around the reception. The bride graduated from KU and even had a jayhawk cake.  But I did get some beautiful and interesting wedding leftovers. 
The reception hall had been decorated with tons of vases of roses, tulips and lilly buds. The flowers were red and had blue ribbons around them (remember KU - ugh! Would have been much more pretty with some purple!). The roses and tulips were in full bloom but the lillies had not yet opened. Mark's mom stayed late at the reception and snagged me a bouquet of them.  They were gorgeous!
The tables also had these candle votifs that looked like they had been spray painted. I commented about how they must have sprayed them with the blue to match the theme.  When Mark's mom brought the flowers she said that they were spray painted but by elephants.  Yes I said elephants.  The bride worked at the KC Zoo and is primarily with the elephant exhibit and she had them paint the candle holders.  Pretty unique and I'm happy that I have this little piece of art on my endtable. 

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