Sunday, June 6, 2010

Day 127 (6/6): Watiki Park

When we got to Rapid City we met Kerri and Cheryl at Kohl's. I think the cashiers know them by name as many times as they went to Kohl's this weekend. We ate at Golden Corral because Cheryl really wanted to go there and it was actually pretty good.

The Watiki Water Park was inbetween the LaQuinta and Marriot Hotels.  It was very similar to a Great Wolf Lodge only lots cheaper!  The kids spent most of their time on this water playhouse called Koko's Kingdom. There were slides and waterguns and buckets all over the place. The kids favorite part was monkey bucket at the top that would fill with water and dump about ever 2:30 minutes.
The boys were too wussy to go on the big slides but that Koko Kingdom had some little slides that they went on close to a million times.  And no that's not an exaggeration...I was exhausted just watching them running around and climbing the stairs to slide down again.

There was a lazy river that the boys also frequented.  I guess they needed to rest their legs from all the climbing and sliding.  The water was pretty warm in the lazy river but there was a place in that Koko's Kingdom that was freezing cold!

And of course you know I couldn't let a butt-crack go without a shot of it. So for your "cheeky" pleasure...I'm just glad that it wasn't an adult with a loose suit!

Here's some shots from the slides.  They liked this one at night because it was pitch black inside.

Check out the video of the boys walking across the lilly pads.

And of course no trip is complete without a trip to the First Aid room.  Colton saw an older boy run across the lilly pads so he thought he could try it....but he ran into the wall at the end.

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