Saturday, June 5, 2010

Day 126 (6/5): Driving through NE to SD

The drive to South Dakota from Valentine was beautiful.  I love going new places and seeing how it is different from where I live.  I had been to South Dakota before but it was when I was a child.  You just don't appreciate how beautiful nature is around you at that age so I was really taking it in on this trip.

It was truly amazing to see the vast open range.  There were miles without houses or fields of crops - just nothing but natural land. Kansas has open land but it is usually broken up by roads every mile or a farmhouse here and there.

This was my absolute favorite picture of the day. The clouds were making these really cool formations. There were some very low hanging ones that were so low it felt like you could reach up and touch them.

Every once in a while you would see a farmhouse.  It truly was beautiful but I definitely wouldn't want to be there during the winter knowing that they get over 90 inches of snow.
This was the start of the Badlands.  They still looked pretty green around the rough terrain. This was definitely the time to travel because everything was so green.  I hear in the summer it is usually brown because they don't get much rain and that is why there are few crops planted on all that vast landscape.

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