Monday, October 10, 2011

Day 211 (10/10): Love my little football player

Saturday we spent another day "footballing" - watching Colton play and then watching the Wildcats with another KSU win!  The Manhattan Indians did not get as lucky - they fought hard but their game ended in a tie.
The parents watched in anticipation as the first overtime started.  It was nerve wracking.  This was a team that had beat us 3 times last year. I really wanted them to win. The first overtime ended with both teams scoring so we went into a second overtime. 
The opposing team had the ball first and they did not score.  My hopes were high that we could punch one in and beat this team.  Stalemate - we didn't score either - so we ended in a tie.  Did I mention I hate ties?  I always feel like it was a waste of time, waste of fight to end in a tie.  It leaves you with this empty hollow feeling.  Ever think of how lousy Rocky IV would be if it ended in a draw?  There was a Navy football coach that said games ending in a deadlock were like kissing your sister.  I wouldn't know anything about that but...well....gross.  Let the kids play it out until there is a winner.  There's no kissing in football besides the opposing team kissing the field while we tackle them.

Now onto bigger and better things.  We played the cowboys from Abilene on Sunday.  The boys played AWESOME!  It was like everyone was playing as a team, the linemen were keeping their blocks and we were scoring!  It was a fun game to watch. Colton was excited because his teacher came to watch.
I like it when I get to see the big boys of KSU running a football across that goal line but I LOVE it when it is my own kiddo running across that goal line.  Colton scored!  It was off of a play that they had been practicing this past week.  He didn't think it would work and I think he was surprised at how open he was to receive the pass and run it in.  It was a flawless play!  Yea INDIANS! 

I guess the tie must have lit a fire in our team and they were bound and determined to win.  So maybe tiees can be good sometimes...although I hope we don't get another one.

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