Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Day 213 (10/18): Crazy Hair Day

Our morning routine is usually filled with a flurry of activity with both Colton and I not wanting to get up in the morning.  So we both wait until the last minute and then have to rush to get everything done - shower, get ready, sign the planner, finish up homework (Colton) or finish up grading (me), take the trash out, or whatever other duties around the house need to be completed before we leave for the day.

Today Colton asks me to spike his hair.  I got so excited...it was like having a girl for a day...I got to do his hair!  I wondered what the occasion was because he doesn't even let the barber spike it and then I found out when I picked up the neighbors - Crazy Hair Day at school.

The pictures are horrible as they were taken in the car with a phone but you get the idea.  Spiking his hair was a whole heck of a lot easier than putting all these ponytails in my neighbors hair!  So maybe I don't want to have girls every morning and all that hair!

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