Monday, October 3, 2011

Day 207 (10/3): Football weekend

I am absolutely in love with this Fall weather.  We usually get a week of 70-80 degree weather but we are going on week 2!  I have been sleeping with the windows open and breathing in the fresh air.  I'd like to say it makes me just pop out of the bed in the morning but that has yet to happen.  It does feel good to wake up in the middle of the night and hear the crickets chirping or leaves russeling in the wind. 

This past weekend we had 3 football games - 2 of Colton's and my alma mater - KSU!  I'm working on my football taking picture skills but I am so easily distracted.  I start watching a play and get into and then forget to snap that perfect shot.

So here's what I did get....
The coach always gets them pumped up before the game.  They run that flag down the field, meet in the middle, and then do a  "Are you ready to kick some butt" cheers.

Colton is #19.  He always picks a pro player for each sport and then wears that number.  #19 is Miles Austin on the Dallas Cowboys.

We raced from the game in Topeka to the KSU game back in Manhattan.  After a loss, we were ready to see a Win.  It was one of the best football games I had been to - Baylor and KSU kept going back and forth in scoring and it came down to the last few plays in the 4th quarter.  I bet you are wondering about that picture up there.  This was what kept Mark and his dad entertained throughout the game.  The binoculars were really zooming to see the camera woman for the game.  She was  I think they were waiting for her to get excited and give herself a black eye or knock herself out with those knockers.
One of my favorite things about getting to play in Manhattan is that they get to play at Bill Snyder stadium and run out of the tunnel like the "big boys" do on Saturdays.
The boys were discussing the upcoming plays of the game. 

Colton had a few good runs with the football but the game still resulted in another loss.  Thank goodness KSU won!  It would have been a long football weekend without that win.  And thank goodness the weather is staying perfect for this football season!

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