Saturday, September 4, 2010

Day 145 (9/4): Harley Day at the Bill

The traffic was crazy. The weather was perfect. The smell of charcoal was amazing. The sight of purple was everywhere. The day was AWESOME with a KSU football win over UCLA. KSU Wildcat fans filled the Bill Snyder Family Stadium to full capacity and were ready for the first football game of the season.

It was Harley Day and Matt, Kristi, Madeline and Chandler came up to cheer for the Cats.  Colton was at his dads and was bummed because he got to miss the first game.  The Harley's were lined up before the game and we checked out the one that had team spirit! Chandler was totally crazy at times. 

One thing that was new at Harley day was this photo booth that allowed you to take 3 pics of yourself while wearing crazy hats.  We all tried it and the girls did it twice.  You will have to check out the pics on my fridge because we are looking really cool!
Mark learned that the Band did play before the game.  He usually doesn't make it in for pre-game but I did drag him with me a little early because I like to watch the purple train on the video board come racing through the sights of Manhattan and Willie take out the mascot on the other team on the field.  That's just something that gets me pumped up and ready to cheer on the Cats!  Well that and 100s of Harley's revving their engines in the stadium and Willie in leather and a do-rag.

It was a total packed house for the first game..even more people there than Bill Snyder's return!  We sat in different seats so that Mark's family could all sit together.  I would not suggest sitting in the first row of teh bleachers over section 8 and 9 on the west side.  There's a bar that will be in your way unless you are about 8 feet tall!  It was a win for the Cats and a totally great start to the season!

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