Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Day 148 (9/22): Home Improvement Take 1 - The Yard

I will admit I am NOT the best person to take care of a yard.  Colton tends to leave stuff in the yard. I can't seem to get anything to grow.  I forget to water on a regular basis. This summer I decided to do something about it.  I wanted a pretty nice lush green yard and nice landscaping to go around my house.  
You will see by some of these shots that there are cable wires loosely laying around the outside of the house and weeds or barren spots everywhere.  Mark and I took a few weekends and worked on putting landscaping mulch and weed barrier around the house.  We also laid pavers for the trashcan and a box that Colton uses to put toys in.  Check out some of our progress!

Notice the cords are tacked to the siding. We put edging around to keep the mulch in. The pavers turned out perfect.

Today they sprayed my yard to kill it and they are coming out on Friday to till it.  It looks extremely bad right now and I'm too embarrased to take a picture of it and post.  But imagine a brown scalped barren wasteland in front of my house...I will post pics as soon as it becomes that lush green yard that you can run barefoot in!

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