Sunday, September 26, 2010

Day 150 (9/26): Smurf at KSU game

We took one of Colton's friends', Austin, to the KSU game yesterday. Because of the rain delay, we went back out to the truck and watched the clouds and storm roll in. The boys played outside before the rain came and did the "Boom, Boom, Firepower" from the Night at the Museum movie. 

Then the rain came and it came hard.  We hung out in the truck and the boys killed time by playing their Nintendos and making funny faces in the mirrors.


Bet you are wondering where the Smurf part comes in...I'm getting to it...
It's amazing what kids find entertaining.  These megaphones were handed out at Purple Power Play on Poyntz as popcorn holders (the bottom lid comes off). They used them to yell through, to scope out the crowd like pirates looking for treasures, to tap the unlucky souls on the backs who sat in front of them (that would be us) and well...armpit covers?

It was military day and the soldiers did pushups with Willie as we scored.  They definitely didn't get enough pushups in to count for PT as it was such a low scoring game.

Now check out the smurf.  Austin got a blue icee and I'm not sure how much of it actually made it in his mouth.  His shirt was bright blue all over the belly area and his hands were bright blue too!  I call him Hefty Smurf since he is the right guard on the team.

Hefty Smurf, Mark and Black Eyes
Colton looked funny with the black under his eyes from his football game.

Smoooch...until next time.

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