Monday, September 20, 2010

Day 147 (9/20): Kohl's = Crack Cocaine

I now know why my Aunt Cheryl and cousin Kerri are Kohl's addicts. When we went up to South Dakota and met them, we met them at Kohl's and then I think they went back 10 times in a 3 day period.  They were totally obsessed with Kohl's.  Kohl's marketing campaigns and sales creates this drug-like feeling similar to one of the most addictive drugs available crack-cocaine. 

About every six weeks they send you a scratch off like lottery ticket that tells you a percent you get off your total bill.  They range from 10 - 30% off and mine this month happened to be a 30% so I felt like I had hit the jackpot.  I needed to get Colton some school clothes so this was my excuse to use that 30% off winner!  If it was 15% off I probably would not have felt that inclined to go but how can you not use a 30% coupon?

Now once you get in the store you are hit with 20-40% off the regular price signs.  So it helps to be a math teacher and know how to use percentages if you are taking 40% off and then 30% off of that.  Well I happened to save $304.

Now here's when they conform you into a true addict.  At the cash register they give you Kohl's cash to be used on your next purchases after that 30% scratch off coupon expires. So they are essentially paying you to shop.  Hook, line, and sinker...I'm caught up in the Kohl's addictive cycle because now I have to go back in another week and get my fix and use that $40 Kohl's cash coupon.

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