Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Day 146 (9/8): Football with Pads

I absolutely love this picture of perspective under the stadium bleachers at the Manhattan High School football field. 

Colton tried out for tackle football last year and made the team. It was 2-3 hours of practice three nights a week during August - October. The coaches were intense and I was worried about Colton quitting after the first practice. After about 2 weeks of serious thinking I called the coach and said that he should invite someone that wouldn't quit since I was unsure about Colton.  It was a 3rd grade team and he was only in 2nd grade then.  I didn't want him taking someone else's spot that would have stuck with it.

Well one year later and here we go again...he wanted to play football with pads on.  I had asked a few people about this coach and they said he was not as intense as last years coach so we went to tryouts.  We knew several parents and Colton knew a lot of the kids trying out for the team so I knew he would stick it out.  He made the team and we have been practicing and conditioning for about over a month.

The interesting part is that he doesn't want to use those pads.  He shys away from contact.  He sees someone coming after him and he just weaves out of the way.  That is good if you have the ball but not good if you are supposed to be protecting the guy with the ball.  It has been a long frustrating time for a parent that is used to seeing her kiddo excel in sports but I will make it through.  I have faith that he will get better.

These are pics taken when the team picture was shot.  They look so cute..or do I say their uniforms?  I'm a mom - they look darn cute!
As we left the stadium, a double rainbow appeared.  You can't tell by the pics but look above the real apparent rainbow and you will see it faintly. Hopefully that is God's way of saying to keep the faith and hope that this little boy that has loved football will take a risk and use those pads to tackle someone. 

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