Friday, September 9, 2011

Day 199 (9/9): Colton "lit" someone up!

Colton's first scrimmage was this week.  I was really not sure what to expect.  Colton didn't play as much as I wanted him to last year because he was somewhat timid to tackle others.  This year Mark mentioned that he had gotten better so I was hopeful that he would play more. 

He got in his uniform that night and said, "I'm pumped mom!"  He was so excited to go play. I thought - good sign - maybe he'll be more aggressive.  In the back of my mind I was still worried that the first instance he was hit, he would become timid again. He started on first team offense which is great and he played as a wide receiver.
Their team, the Indians, started off with gusto and scored a couple of touchdowns and the defense looked much better than last year.  The boys were so cute (oh I mean manly) on the sidelines as they got excited for their teammates when they scored and gave them high fives and helmet pounds. 

Colton had told me a kid in his class was on the opposing team and had been giving him crap all day long how they were going to kick their butts. There was butt kicking but it was not in that kids' favor.  Colton even leveled him on a defensive play.  In a not so proud moment of his (well he was proud but momma was embarrassed), he turned around and said something while standing over him and then ran off to block the next guy.  I think he was talking trash.  He came off the field and got the congratulatory cheer and told his teammate - "I lit him up!"  It was so funny as he was so excited and pumped. 
My little boy has turned into an aggressive little football player.  He helped the team with a touchdown of his own and made some other really great plays.  I'm so proud of him and can't wait for our season to begin in a week.

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