Sunday, September 18, 2011

Day 203 (9/18): Ears and Darth Vader

Star Wars is not my favorite movie but I think someone up above wants to make me live it.  I have been diagnosed with another ear infection.  It is NOT fun!  In fact, it is pretty miserable.  I don't know how little kids do it.  When your ears are impacted, it really effects your entire body.  I am dizzy.  I can't hear worth a darn.  I don't know how many times I said "what" today. It sounds like Darth Vader is inside my head as I can hear myself breathing inside my head.  It's very creepy and will wake you up in the middle of the night as you think someone may be standing over you breathing on you but then you realize it's all in your head.  It effects your equilibrium.  I stand up and wobble a little.  I literally got backed into by a car in the Dillons parking lot last night.  I was walking into the store and this car just came backing right out and bumped me.  I fell over and the college girl did stop and apologize profusely. Not sure if it was because I couldn't move out of the way fast enough due to my lack of balance or it was just a college girl on her phone while trying to back out of the parking lot. 

It feels like there are little pick axe in my ear  just poking away trying to find the bad spot.  I am miserable but trying not to think about it all the time.  The last doctor said that tubes may be in my future which scares me but if it means I don't have to have this pain, I'm all for it.  So for now I'll just continue my regimen of antibiotic, eardrops and ibuprofin and curl up with my blankie  and hope Darth doesn't visit tonight.

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