Saturday, September 17, 2011

Day 202 (9/17): Winner Winner but no Chicken Dinner!

I did not get the lucky gene like my mom.  She wins tons of free things and I wish I was that lucky.  But I'm not except for today!  You know I made the muffins for my coworkers and it worked like a charm...well that and thanks to this crazy looking hat. 

I told Colton I needed his spirtit stuff so I could dress up.  We keep a bag of KSU pompoms, slider signs, megaphones, clapping hands, buttons and who knows what else is in the bottom of that bag that we take to games.  So many choices but I wanted that prize.  I knew it had to be something technology related since it was given by the Title 3 peeps. 

And so we were called up in front of the room to model our apparel.  I didn't have the pretty purple boots or ribbon in my hair like Brenda did.  I definitely didn't wear that ugly red Nebraska shirt like Mark (knew there was not much competition there!).  Mike tried to sway everyone with the beer logos on his European futsal shirt.   And here I was with an animal on my head.  I will do anything for free things and Willie helped me win a new free portable hard drive!  So tonight I will be backing up my laptop on my new 500 GB drive!

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