Thursday, July 1, 2010

Day 134 (7/1): Medic Required

Colton has been begging me to fix this Webkin for a while now and I finally got around to it. He absolutely loves Webkinz so if you need any birthday ideas....  I think he's up to 19 or 20 of these stuffed creatures.  I keep on thinking that one day he'll grow out of the stuffed animal stage but that has yet to happen. During football season he has them lined up on the basement floor on opposing teams doing plays that he sees on TV. When the neighbor kids come over they play veterinarian and zoo games with them so I guess I don't mind because they are using their imagination.

"Ally", the alligator, had a little too much play on the football field or too much to eat during a zoo feeding and blew out some stitches on his underbelly. Inside these Webkinz are little bean bags to make them soft and cuddly I guess. So I got out my scissors, needle and thread and put on my surgeon cap to sew up the sides of Ally. 

Just a bit more for those of you that are wondering why Webkinz are so special. They come with a code that you can plug into the website and have a virtual animal to take care of and play games in order to earn stuff for the animals home online.  The games really are educational with spelling and logical thinking activities and they also learn how to count Kinzcash.

And if you look real close I think that Ally is smiling now. I think she liked being stitched up so she can get back out there in playtime.  It reminded me of Toy Story 3 that we saw this past weekend. I wonder if Colton will hang onto these until he goes to college?  Time will only tell.

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