Friday, July 2, 2010

Day 135 (7/2): Ange's Concert Series

The Today show has a concert series so I figured why couldn't I?  Over the past few weeks I got to see some amazing concerts. I wasn't sure if anyone could be as good as Bon Jovi but they were right up there in terms of the "great concerts!" I'll start with the opening acts of Sugarland which were Danny Gokey and Luke Bryan.  They were both very entertaining and could sing just as good and better than they sound on the radio. Oh yeah and they were easy on the eyes!

Do you remember Danny Gokey?  He was on Season 8 of American Idol. I can't remember who won that year but I don't think he did. If I remember correctly this was the season with Adam Lambert but we all know how my memory works. He started out as a Christian singer and is now trying out the country arena. His voice was wonderful and he is truly talented. So I'll put my Simon Cowell hat on and give unsolicited advice:  He needs to work on connecting with the audience. He didn't say too much about the songs or his life and just sang.  He was good and I can see him doing well in the country scene.

Excuse me...I will be back in a jiffy.

OK I'm back.  I had to go get a towel to wipe up my drool from looking at the pictures of Luke Bryan. He is such a good looking man!
See look at him...he's saying here I am Ange...I'm here for you! 

Well maybe he just says that in my dreams. He was phenomenal. You didn't get to see too much of how he would be in concert based on his Celebrity Apprentice stint. They made him seem stuffy and all business like but he was nothing like that in concert!  He really connected with the audience...well probably more with the throngs of females in the crowd.
You can defintely tell why he did well at the CMT awards this year as he strutted his stuff on the stage and put on a great opening act. He was all over the stage and got the crowd pumped up and ready for the main event! 

His boyish charm and antics made it even more fun to watch the show! He could sing and belted out his top songs such as Do I, Rain is a Good Thing, All my Friends Say, and other crowd pleasing songs.  He even rocked it out and did a cover of Metallica's Enter Sandman.
You can't tell by any of the pictures but his jeans were tight! Kind of ironic when his song Country Man talks about not wearing tight jeans or the baggy kind. I really didn't care because he looked good in them...thus the towel for drooling!   

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