Saturday, July 3, 2010

Day 136: (7/3): American Tradition: Baseball

It's getting close to the Fourth of July, our Independence Day.  What could be more American than baseball?  Baseball is really not Colton's favorite sport because of the lack of constant action but he is good at it. He's on the Cardinals team and they've only won 1 game so far so it has been a long season!
He's in Machine Pitch league this year and the coach puts the balls in this contraption and it launches them out to the kids. It's a little more consistent than the coach pitch and they get 5 tries at bat.
He's serious at bat...and it kind of looks like he has a wad of chew in his mouth but I'm thinking it is just gum or at least I'm hoping it is.  They start young if that's not gum!  ;)  And from the mother perspective it's killing me seeing how wrinkly that shirt is.  He missed the first 2 games because we were on vacation and the coach had just shoved his shirt in the bottom of the batting bag until we got back.

I'm pretty sure he made it past these guys to score the run.

They rotate positions each time in the field and my favorite position to watch him play is catcher. The outfit is so clunky and it is fun to watch them look like little transformers walking to the plate. He did pretty well at the position but hasn't wanted to play it again because it is so hot with all the stuff on.

We only have two more games and they've lost all but one.  At least I got a pic of the scoreboard for the game they won.

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