Thursday, July 8, 2010

Day 137 (7/4): 4th of July...late

I thought I had this set to open on the 5th of July saying what we had done over the 4th but for some reason it did not - technological snafu or something. We had a few people over on the 3rd of July to shoot off fireworks wtih hopes of the rain staying away on the 4th so we could watch the big show the city puts on.
We went to several fireworks stands in order to find the best deal.  We finally ended up at a stand that supported Flint Hills Soccer Association and they had great deals and we filled our laundry baskets up with the loot. Colton, of course, was ready to shoot off the stuff as soon as we got home.

We told the boys they had to wait until it got darker outside so they went downstairs.  It was pretty quiet so I decided to sneak down to see what they were up to.  Well what do boys do behind closed doors - wrestle!  It was quiet wrestling but that's what they were doing.

In order to kill a little bit of time because now we had 3 kids that could not wait to shoot off fireworks, we had some cheap water guns filled with water ready to be shot.  The boys went outside and blasted each other.

I was taking pictures and Austin thought I was one of the boys hiding on the porch and started blasting me.  Good thing he had bad aim or he would have regretted it!

I'm not really sure what was going on with this pose?  Was he down playing possum with a water gun? 
Finally we got through supper and they started the fireworks show.  Smoke bombs came first so they could dance around in the smoke. I think Parker thought he was directing the show. Parachutes and tons of other fountains and tanks found their way into our stash.  We had a great time and hope everyone else had a Fantastic Fourth!

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