Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Day 139 (7/6): Ice's New Girlfriend

Well as if our house isn't zoo-ish enough....we got another critter. The neighbor girl has brought Colton her beetle since she was tired of taking care of it. So we welcomed Madison into our home. Ice now has a girlfriend to LOOK at but that was my stipulation - they could not be in the same cup!  I did not want beetle babies crawling around my house! I read that female beetles can lay up to 500 eggs in their life time...which is a whole lotta' creepy crawlies!

Madison came over in a very small cup (sauce cup from Pizza Hut maybe?) so we decided to get Ice a new home and move Madison into Ice's old house. Dillon's has a new fresh peanut butter grinder and we found the perfect clear cup to make a beetle house at that station.  The new cup made way for a Beetle Hotel or double decker creature cage.

Colton even made them name tags for their abodes. I had to prompt him a little about what to put on a girl one since he said he'd never made a girl name badge before.  But you can see he drew flowers with vines and stars for Madison.  Icy's name is made manly with the lightning and clouds.
These little beetles have already developed little characters. Ice likes to be on top of the rocks in his house and Madison is rarely seen above the rice/oatmeal mix.  I hope that does not mean she is burying her eggs for those future baby beetles.  If so then she is going right back over to the neighbors!  My favorite time to watch is still when they get turned over on their backs with their little legs just flailing in the air.  It's like they are crying out...help me..help me...but I just sit there and laugh at them.  They eventually get flipped over because you'll walk by their houses and they are right side up crawling around.

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