Friday, July 9, 2010

Day 142 (7/9): Buffett Baby!

We went to Texas to see Jimmy Buffett at the end of May and I never got the chance to post pics. So here brought back such good memories going through the pictures again and I can't wait to go to another concert.  If you have never been to a Jimmy Buffett concert in your life it is more than just a concert - it is an experience!  You go for the whole day to tailgate and check out all the other fans.

We made Cheeseburgers in Paradise for our tailgate.  It was extremely windy that day and we literally had to hang on to the tent to keep it from blowing away.  Notice the sandbags weren't even holding it down against the wind. So now for some of the sights and sounds around the stadium.  (Disclaimer:  If you are a younger person, ask your parent/guardian for permission to look at these pictures.  They definitely contain adult content).
These were the biggest pair of underwear I had ever seen. I am glad to report that they did not come out of my underwear drawer! 
Check out the sexy ones in these pictures!  Probably the only time you will see me in a bikini and surfing so take a good look!  I do like the abs on the men in our bunch so start on those situps and crunches Terry and Mark.
Now for something not so sexy...I thought you would enjoy both the front and back view. This guy gave you the illusion of having a bodybuilder body.  I think the only thing he was building was a protective cover for his beer belly.

I don't know what got sucked up into the back of these blue shorts but I don't want to find out. 
 Talk about wedgie city!
We did dress up a bit to fit in with the crowd. But we didn't break out the coconut shells like these dudes:  If you love people watching a Buffett Concert is a great place to check out some crazy people...crazy drunk people.  I think I would have to have a lot more alcohol to break out the coconut shells if I had a body like the guy on the left.

This guy couldn't keep his eyes off this girls balloons. She could poke someone's eyes out with those things!
And Mark got a treat from this guy.  See what he is doing with those things to that girls head?  Well he came down the aisle and did the same thing to Mark and said, "I've been looking for you all night!"  We busted out laughing!
We did see Jimmy in prime form that night.  He sang all of his classic songs in his flipflops and fun was had by all.  The Fin Heads were out and cruised through the concert the entire night.  I have tons more pics and videos of the day so if you are wanting more posts, please let me know!  :)  For now I leave you with a classic Buffett line: "If we couldn't laugh, we would all go insaane." I have laughed looking at these pictures and hope you have too. 

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