Monday, July 5, 2010

Day 138: (7/5): Quilt Show with Grandma

My dad and grandma came up to go to one of Colton's basebal games. Grandma think these are little mini vacations so I was trying to think of something for her to get out and see in Manhattan.  The Mariana Kistler Beach museum was hosting Pieces of Time: Quilts from the KSU Textile and Costume Museum. I love quilts and it is FREE to get into the museum!  There were only about 12 - 15 quilts but some were over 200 years old and they gave stories about each quilt.

This quilt was called tumbling blocks and if I remember correctly it was from the late 1800s. It had a brown striped backing.
This was the showcase quilt and it was interesting to read about the differences in flags on the quilts.  You would never have noticed if you didn't read the information but there are different numbers of stars on the flags to represent the addition of more states in the union by the time the quilt was done.  It read that it was a true testament to how long it takes to finish a quilt with a time of over 3 years for the addition of Minnesota and another state to add stars to the flags.  I don't feel as bad now when it takes me a long time to finish up my UFO's (unfinished objects).
Another misconception I had about older quilts was their lack of color but some of these quilts were bright and cheery. I assumed that quilters used scrap gunny sacks and flour sacks and such but these were very colorful.  The quilting on them was so tiny just like my Grandma Doornbos.  They were truly works of art!

I strongly encourage anyone in the Manhattan area to visit the Beach Museum. It is FREE (well you can always put a donation in the donation boxes) and they have wonderful exhibits.

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