Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Day 140 (7/7): Concert Series Part 2

I absolutely love Sugarland.  I always have ever since I heard their first song. I've bought all their albums on they day they came out and know every single word to every single song and I'm not afraid to belt them out. Ask those people sitting around me at the concert or the birds outside my shower window if you don't believe me.
The concert was named The Incredible Machine and they came out on stage hidden behind this big curtain with sounds of machines while they peeped through the holes of the curtains.  It was lit so you could see their sillouhettes through the curtain and they were acting very robotic or machine like.  There was one huge round video board which the technicians switched out scenes of the concert, Jennifer, Kristian and the band members, and then these really cool heart images. 

She did not leave the stage for any kind of break and played for over an hour. She was just as bubbly at the end of the concert as she was in the beginning.  She played all of her hit songs and then some other covers such as Beyonce's All the Single Ladies, Miley Cyrus's Party in the USA, and even Neil Diamond's Sweet Caroline.

Jennifer and Kristian were great to their fans too. They signed a guitar and then walked out into the crowd to give it to a lucky fan.  Kristian gave it to a little girl all decked out in cowboy boots and a hat.  She was so shocked.  They also made a banner by spray-painting their logo (which is also tattooed on Jennifer's arm) and gave it to a lucky fan in the front row and had him walk around the Sprint Center to show it off to everyone. I wasn't one of those lucky ones but I hope to be at the next concert!  Check out the real lighter on this guy a few rows up.  It was classic as most people just use their cell phones!

Usually artists release an album and then tour their new songs.  Sugarland decided to do it backwards as their album is not coming out until October 19th (hint hint for anyone wanting to buy me an early birthday present). I cannot wait to get it. They played 3 - 4 of the songs off the album and they all had this pop-country-rock feel that will be wonderful for me to serenade everyone as I sing in the car and shower!

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