Thursday, December 1, 2011

Day 217 (12/1): KSU Ball Boy

As a surprise, I bid on the KSU auction for Colton be a ball boy.  His friend had done it several times last year and I thought he would enjoy it.  Well when I first told him about it, he was not happy. Not sure why he just wasn't as thrilled as I was when I won the bid on the auction board.  I think he was nervous.

So we get to the Octagon of Doom an hour early so he can start his duties as ball boy.  He basically watched the team warmup and they all high-fived him as they came out of the tunnel but we missed it because we couldn't get into Bramlage that early.  He also got a shirt and it was humongous.  He rolled it up at the bottom so it wasn't down to his knees.
He was able to take some shots when the teams were back in the locker room.  He looked so cool on the floor - hopefully he gets to play there when he gets older...or when he grows into that dress shirt they gave him.

 For the first game he sat on the side we were on so we never really got to see his face.  But he did get out there with a towel and wipe up some sweat spots.  Now if he'd only get that towel out on our hardwood floors at the house!
For the second game he decided to sit on the other side.  No shirt so I'm guessing none of the other kids could fit in theirs either so they stopped giving them out.  The funny part of him being on the side where we could watch him was that he would mimick the guy that was supposed to be in charge of him.  If he was leaned forward in the chair, Colton would lean forward.  If he had his arms behind his head with his legs all stretched out, Colton would do the same.  I never could get a picture of them both doing it at the same time without a referee or player in front of them but it was so funny.
Plus on the other side they gave him a big mop to use.  He liked it so much he came home and tried out the swiffer on our floors.  So all in all the auction was worth it if he thinks it is fun to mop now!
Go Wildcats!

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