Saturday, December 31, 2011

Day 227 (12/31) New Years Eve goodies

Well I went crazy on trying new recipes on New Years Eve and yes most of them came from pinterest.  I think my brother was wondering what they were all going to taste like because of the tone in his voice when he said, "You've never made any of these before?".  My response:  "I always try new things at parties because if they are gross then I don't have to eat them all by myself.".  So yes if you are coming to one of my parties, you never know what you are going to get.  I didn't stop and take pictures of all the recipes when I was making them because it was a little crazy in the kitchen that day.  So I'll just link you to the pages where I got the recipes from and give you my 2 cents on the dish.
Crash Hot Potatoes  These were good but I'm more of a butter person so I would have put the olive oil in the bottom of the pan to make sure they don't stick to the bottom and then drizzle with butter.  I had to add a dollop of sour cream to get the flavor that I was looking for without the butter but super easy to make.

Grilled Jalapeno Chicken Fajita Bites   I tried one of these at our KSU tailgating neighbors and it was super yummy.  Now what I didn't plan for was that some jalapenos are hotter than others.  I thought I had washed my hands after getting out all the seeds of the jalapenos and licked something off my finger a little later and for the next 2 hours felt like my lips were on fire because there was still some seed or juices on them.  I kept on putting them (yes both lips) in my glass to try to cool them off.  I'm happy there were no cameras around.  I was too afraid to try one later that night but I have a couple left over that I am going to eat later.  I did not use Schwans stuff - just made my own chicken with some fajita seasoning and had some bacon bits leftover from the crack bread coming up next.

Crack Bread  Many on pinterest called this treat which can be made a variety of ways - crack bread because it made you go back for more like crack.  I wouldn't go that far.  It was good but I didn't find myself going back for more probably because of all the other food we had.

Snowman Dip   I wanted the kids to participate in the food making. Madeline and Colton helped make this little snowman to dip our veggies in.  We had to have something healthy right for the new year!  This picture is actually my own because I remembered to take a picture of it.  I did add mayonaisse and sour cream to mask the strong cream cheese taste but that made the snowman a little bit more "meltable".  By the end of the night, he had squished down and leaned back a bit which is probably what we did as adults eating all that food!

Wonton Appetizers  Mom had some of these from a friend or neighbor last time we were home.  Although the ones mom had were made with sausage, cheese, ranch dip, pimento bits.  We made ours with beef flavored with taco seasoning and some picante sauce and cheese.  You could add lettuce and black olives and whatever else you wanted.  I did make mine in a regular muffin tin and prebake the shells so they were a little bit more crispy.

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