Saturday, December 10, 2011

Day 219 (12/10): Basketball and another Wildcat Team

Colton joined a new basketball team this year. And their team name...drum roll please...might be hard to believe....Wildcats!  They had a choice of the Flying Penguins or Wildcats so not a hard choice for most kids...or adults for that matter if you live in Manhattan, KS.  So far they have not lost a game and Colton has done very well. 
He has made some interesting poses while on the bench.  I feel sorry for the fool that has to sit under those armpits.  He has surpassed the smelly boy stage and entered into the atrociously smelly man stage!  Perhaps that is why there is noone next to him in the one picture.  They know. And that is why in the second picture they are making him keep those armpits down and enclosed in his jersey.

The one thing I asked the coach to work with him on was layups and he has improved ten-fold.  Last year he would always do a jump stop instead of a layup on a fast break but now he has mastered the layup and makes them!  He has also been fouled (not fowl odor in this instance  - has that mastered too!) and made about 50% of those shots.  I figure as long as he is doing better than KSU players he is working hard....right?
The Wildcats took first in their first tournament and got some pretty cool medals. 

And of course, we have to take a silly shot!

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