Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Day 225 (12/27): Some of my favorite gifts

Not only was I crafty this year for Christmas but my friends and family members were too!  I got some amazing homemade gifts this year. 

My neice made Mark and I some KSU canvas pictures using duck tape and spray paint.  She drew them out with the duck tape by hand and then had Matt spray paint them and then peeled off the duck tape.  She has so much talent as I can't even trace a wildcat this well!

Mark made me a piggy bank out of an old post office door that is super cool. I saw one made for my friends child from their grandpa and I loved the code aspect of it.  He made it out of mahogany and it has a slot on top to slip money into.  You have to twist the knob with the secret code to get the money out.  This is a horrible picture of it off of my phone because it is still packed in the boxes we used to get everything home and I'm avoiding unpacking at the moment.
I have been begging Kristi for a wreath that she made off of an idea on pinterest.   She flat out refused to do another one because of all the work they are. She made it out of old book pages.  Ignore Kristi's old curtains used to hang it. I'm going to get a wide maroon ribbon to create a hanger for it when I get some free time.
Check out the roses that make up this masterpiece! 
 Matt and Madeline helped her create some of these roses.

Destiny made me this awesome purse made out of KSU fabric.  I absolutely love it!  I think the kids thought I was a little crazy when I opened it because I was so excited!  It has a row of pockets on the inside too and I'm always looking for places to put things so I can find them easily the next time.
It was a great Christmas and I'm happy to have shared it with so many friends and family members.  Hope the new year brings many more joyous times!

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